Parc Centrale, Chatenay

Urban planning, 2018

LaVallée is being developed on the former site of the Ecole Central in Châtenay-Malabry to the southwest of Paris.

Indeed, the name of the project is a homage to the founder of the institution, Alphonse La Vallée.

The old complex, which formed an enclave within the urban fabric, represents an opporting to “give back” 20 hectares to the people of the town.

The objective of our project is to inscribe the new neighbourhood into its environment, to ties the various strands of the urban fabric together, and to foreground the town’s salient characteristics. 

Plan masse projet
Lignes de forces dans le territoire

Bordered to the north by the downtown area, to the east by the Parc de Sceaux, and to the south by the Avenue de la Division Leclerc, the site’s location offers a unique opportunity to bring “3 towns” together, namely the “faubourg”, juxtaposed to the downtown area, the Park area next to the Parc de Sceaux, and the intensely busy area along Tramline 10.

In order to open up the site the site and strengthen the links between the existing neighbourhoods, the project will introduce a new eco-quarter situated in a green urban area, and use existing roads and landscape features to create new ecological continuities.

The existing morphology inherited from the campus of the Ecole Central provides a substantial number of green spaces, which will be retained and developed not only with a view to providing an improved standard of life, but also to respecting the identity of the town. The project will, therefore, present an opportunity to create a link between Châtenay-Malabry’s various green areas.  

Promenade plantée, Base paysagiste
The new neighbourhood is comprised of four urban identities

Inhabiting the Parc de Sceaux

The first urban identity focuses on the Parc de Sceaux and its two future entrances. It will feature a built, yet porous boundary.  


Inhabiting the planted promenade

Organised around this green pathway, this area, featuring a second urban identity, will provide a new hub focusing on the promenade linking the green belt area to the Parc de Sceaux. Its spindle-like shape gradually opens towards the east, providing a perspective on the park.


Inhabiting the lively area along Tramline 10

Mirroring the busy, animated neighbourhood that, while being a destination in itself, also will also create a new entryway to the town, this urban identity will provide a link with the downtown area.    


Inhabiting the garden

At the foot of the green belt, we intend to built a neighbourhood which, in terms of urban density, will differ from traditional urban morphologies.

The aim is to reflect the characteristics of the garden city concept, in which the link between residential units and the environment by which they are surrounded plays a role of central importance.

These urban identities and the ambiances by which they are characterised create a coherent ensemble at the scale of the neighbourhood.

The objective is to create an eco-neighbourhood that avoids the restrictions of standardisation, while at the same time meeting the requirements defined by professional certification bodies.


LaVallée is designed to be an eco-neighbourhood reflecting a harmony between town and country.

Wellbeing and comfort, as well as the pleasures associated with lifestyle and mobility will be of primary importance.  

Technically, measures have been taken upstream, during the initial design phase, not only to encourage biodiversity, preserve surface water, groundwater, and rain water, manage drinking water, control noise pollution, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to introduce green projects and support ecomobility.  

Among other things, a reservoir of biodiversity will be introduced in the form of a meadow of around 24,000m² irrigated by the open channel running between the green belt area and the Parc de Sceaux.

Taking advantage of the new tramline between Antony and Clamart set to open in 2023, LaVallée will also provide a new entrance to Châtenay-Malabry, serving as a genuine shop window for the town.