Delphine Baldé

Project Director, Partner

Delphine Baldé

Project Director, Partner

An architect-urbanist, Delphine Baldé has been working on major urban projects for eleven years at François Leclercq, where she has been head of the Urbanism Department since 2010. Before joining François Leclercq she had the opportunity to work at Tania Concko in Amsterdam, benefitting from a Dutch architectural climate characterised by a willingness to experiment and develop new approaches. In parallel, she has been a member of the Cergy-Pontoise Master Plan Workshops since 2003. As well as sitting on the Scientific Orientation Committee, she organises workshops, particularly in West Africa. She regularly teaches Master’s courses at Sciences Po, Paris (Public Affairs, School of Urbanism, law), focusing on the strategic aspects of the Greater Paris area. Her passion for the complexity of urban planning, for infrastructure (her secondary school diploma concentrated on the transformation of the A15 motorway), and for the unexpected in the city led her to set up “Le Mouvement des chemineurs” (“Walkers’ Movement”) in 2002. Travelling around the city on a bike, on foot, or in a car is part of her approach to appropriating the territories on which she works with a view to escaping the strictures of doctrine. Her work as an architect-urbanist combines a sensitive approach, an eye for strategy, firmly held beliefs, a conviction that dialogue is essential in architecture and town planning, an interest in the way public spaces are able to trigger initiatives, and a keen appreciation of the importance of sustainability. In short, it is vital to be where we are not expected to be. 

At Leclercq Associés, she's working on development, communication, publishing, urban strategy, urban development and architectural feasibility.



State degree in architecture from ENSA Versailles, 2003; University geography certificate in urbanism, 2003; EPFL certificate in urbanism in African cities, 2015.



Major projects with the firm

  • City of Paris bid for the 2024 Olympics

Tagadirt urban pole for Greater Agadir

Consultation on Greater Paris (“Grand Paris”)

Masterplan for the redevelopment of Air Base 217

New “Centrale Parc” neighbourhood in Chatenay-Malabry    

Redevelopment of the “Grand Centre”, Cergy-Pontoise Agglomeration Community                              

Project to extend the perimeter of Euroméditerranée, Marseille, EPAEM

Ivry Confluences, Ivry-sur-Seine, SADEV 94

Bordeaux les Aubiers Cracovie, City of Bordeaux

Paris Nord Est project, City of Paris, SEMAVIP


Workshops and/or conferences


Nov. 2016 - Conference on urban quality and architectural audacity in the outer Paris metropolitan area from the IDF to the SIMI.

April 2016 - Conference on Territorial Segregation in Greater Paris, Master’s course in Public Affairs, Sciences Po.   

April 2015 - Conference on Greater Paris, Master’s course in Economic Law, Sciences Po Law School.     

Nov. 2014 - Conference at the Urban Projects Forum, Ivry-Confluences project, BHV plot.     

Feb. 2013 - Conference at EMLyon. Presentation of urban projects for François Leclercq.    

June 2013 - Conference at the ESSEC. Presentations of urban projects, Euroméditerrannée, Greater Paris (« Grand Paris »), Cergy, La Défense.   

June 2013 - Conference at the Maison de l’Architecture, Claude Bernard Joint Development Zone, development project: How can social and environmental ambitions be articulated with economic constraints?  

June 2013 - Conference at the Research and Innovation week in the Val d’Oise: « The city of tomorrow, a source of values and opportunities », Cergy Grand Centre project.  

Dec. 2012 - Conference for Vinci Innovations: “Sustainability and desirability”.    



Favourite thing and/or leisure activity:

Her Moleskine notebook and her yogi tea